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Found a cluster of bees that you want removed? We provide free honey bee swarm removal services in Kincarden, Goderich, Bayfield, Clinton, Seaforth, Exeter and the surrounding areas. We remove and relocate honey bees naturally and safely.

Don’t Panic

What you have discovered is a bee swarm. Honey bees do this naturally as part of their reproductive cycle or when they run out of space in their current home. If the bees have made a home in your backyard or home and you want them removed, get in touch and we’ll coordinate the best way to proceed.

You can either leave them be or contact us to have them removed. By contacting us you will be helping sustain the honey bee population in the local area.

Piece of Mind

As a local beekeeper we care deeply about honey bees and other pollinators that help in the food production lifecycle. Similar to other farmed animals, Honey bees are unlikely to survive for very long in Canada without human care. They need a protective cavity to keep dry, away from other pests, and often need medical treatment to remain healthy. We’ll assess your situation and advise the best course of action. Relocating the hive is done quickly. We’ll put them in a new hive box and once they are all inside, we’ll take them off site. This is typically done at night and within 48 hours from when you contact us.

What to do Next

If you think you have a swarm and want to have it naturally removed, contact us and we’ll be in touch asap.

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What causes honey bees to swarm?

Honey bees swarm in an effort to create a new colony and ensure their survival. They left their hive due to lack of space or the queen went on a mating flight and didn’t return.

Why do I have a swarm in my backyard?

I would consider you lucky! The bees have picked a spot they deem ideal to rest and may set up a new home. Ideally they have picked a tree branch otherwise if its a tree cavity or hole into your home, that makes it a lot more difficult to remove.

Is the swarm dangerous?

Bees in this state are usually not aggressive and will not bother humans or other animals unless provoked.

Is removing them bad for the environment?

Honey bees are not native to North America, they were brought here from Europe. Similar to other farmed animals, Honey bees are unlikely to survive for very long in Canada without human care. They need a protective cavity to keep dry, away from other pests, and often also need medical treatment to remain healthy.

Does it cost anything to remove them?

Nope. We remove the swarm and give them a comfy new home in our apiary, safe and supportive to ensure their survival.

Why do you collect swarms?

There are a few methods to starting a new colony of bees.  Although swarms are more difficult and don’t always stay in the hive box given on collection, it's an inexpensive and quick way to build a new colony. Also, swarms won’t last out in the wild for very long and it's part of our efforts to help save the bees.

How do I know if what I have are honey bees?

Honey bees cluster like no other bees. They will often be in large clusters of thousands of bees. Not like hornets or wasps that have smaller colonies and will have a gray paper like nest. We only collect honey bees.

Can I remove them myself?

A swarm shouldn't be disturbed without the presence of an experienced beekeeper. Honey bee swarms have very different behaviours than other bees and need to be treated with care.